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SharePoint List Input - "too many digits after the decimal" when column is a whole number


Configuration: My workflow begins by reading a SharePoint list, one column of which is "% Complete". (Select tool connected to output of SharePoint List Input shows % Complete as a FixedDecimal, size = 18.0).  Every list item has a value for "% Complete" between 0 and 100; no empty values. The SharePoint column is defined as a number type, min = 0, max = 100, 0 decimal places.  There are 103 list items.  When I run the workflow, it reports 13 conversion errors "SharePoint List Input | % Complete: "0" has too many digits after the decimal and was truncated." (About half of the conversion errors cite "0", the other half cite "1".)  52 of the list items have a % Complete value of "0", but none of the list items have a % Complete value of 1.


So, questions:


  1. Why does Alteryx think "0" has any digits after the decimal?
  2. Why does Alteryx think any of the list items have a % Complete value of "1"?
  3. Is there a way to see exactly which row (list item) Alteryx thinks has an error?





Hi Darin,


My suspicion is the source data from SharePoint carried some type of formatting throughout its lineage as a dataset.  Do you happen to know where the data that populated the SharePoint list came from?  Did it come from Excel?  Those columns may have been formatted as a % for example. 


Did you set the FixedDecimal size to = 18.0? Does it behave the same way when it is set to the default 19.6?







The SharePoint data I entered manually.  However, your question prompted me to check and the SP column is set to show as a percentage, but the number of decimal places is set to 0.  Unfortunately, my 14-day Alteryx trial license has expired, so I can't check how the FixedDecimal size is configured.  We may be doing a 30-day trial later, so I'll have to come back to this at that time.





I noticed this thread never got resolved so i hope i can help.


I am receiving this same issue. I have two columns in sharepoint, one column is a user input field as a percent and the other field is a calculated column. When i read the data from sharepoint into Alteryx i receive this error and for example a 50% in column A and 50% in column B in sharepoint will show as 1 in column A and 1 in column B in alteryx. This is only happening with these two columns which are in sharepoint as "Show as percentage" other numbers in the sharepoint are read in correctly.


Let me know if you need screenshots







I met the same issue. Have you sorted this out?





How did you resolve this issue? I am facing this issue right now. NEED HELP!


I fixed the issue but i cannot remember how.


Steps i would take


1. increase the size of the numer/string using a select tool

2. change the sharepoint to display the fields as a percentage to a decimal or vice versa


let me know if that doesn't work