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SharePoint List Input not returning all of my fields.




I have just updated a SharePoint list with new column headers. When I pull this list into Alteryx my new columns are not showing up in Alteryx. All of my older column headers show up but not the new ones.


Does anyone know why this is happening?


Hi @Fred22


I just started working with SharePoint data but don't know how to answer your question. Can you provide more details? Or maybe a screen shot?




Thanks for your reply. I found the reasoning why it was not picking up the field. That field was fed into the list from InfoPath and defined as an integer. If it was just from sharepoint it would be listed as a number and would be successfully pulled.

Alteryx Partner

@Fred22 so it has to originate from Sharepoint for the list input to work? have you found a way to pull it in without changing anything in the sharepoint list?




I find when it originates from SharePoint I have no issue. The issue comes when a field from InfoPath gets stored in a SharePoint list I pull. InfoPath is the issue.