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SharePoint Input List Error - "There was a problem establishing a connection"

I'm trying to connect to SharePoint 2013 and I just can't seem to get connected using the SharePoint List Input.


I keep getting an error "There was a problem establishing a connection" and not sure where I am going wrong.


SharePoint Version: 2013


SharePoint URL:




this is as far as I get before the error pops up saying that there was a problem establishing a connection. Is there anything I am doing wrong up until this point?


Hi @sasha_pugliese,


While this seems like an odd workaround, but could you try changing the Sharepoint version number to 2007?  Sometimes that version is a little more accepting for establishing a connection.


Also, be sure that your username is correct.  You can check your domain within the Control Panel -> Control Panel\System and Security\System.  The username will be whatever you use when logging into Sharepoint.




Please let me know if this helps.




Jerad Rades

Customer Support Engineer

Did you solve it?

I have the same problem, I can not connect to sharepoint online.
Can someone show me an example, please.

I have not gotten this resolved. :(


Our company recently upgraded from SP 2010 to 2013, I could not connect using the SP list input tool unless 2007 is selected.  I have also opened a ticket with support