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Setting up for Time Series

7 - Meteor

Hi team,

Currently trying to use the time series plot.  My data runs monthly from Jan 2016-Aug 2021.

The date field is currently formatted:



One issue i need help solving is:

Date in data set is ahead by one month (ie sales for January 2016 will have a date as 2016-02-07).  

I would like the time series plot to show me patterns by the actual month that sales took place so i need to fix the above problem.


Also, how much do i need to parse the date field to work in time series tool?  or does the date field not actually matter? 

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

A formula like:


should sort the date out for you and realign.


If your dates are in the format you said should work fine with TImeSeries tool but I am not an expert on that tool