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Setting spatial projection dynamically based on input


I have a .yxdb file that includes a large number of polygons each with a name and a projection field.  I want to create a separate Shapefile output for each polygon.  That's the easy part.  I need to set the UTM Zone projection for each polygon in the output file.  I am having trouble figuring out a solution to setting the output file projection based on the required projection.  Each polygon will require a different projection that is defined in the field.  Is there a way to set the projection based on a field showing the projection?  I'm open to alternatives to having the projection in a field as well.  Thanks!


Hi @nextelspe


I think the best way to accomplish this would be through using a batch macro and using a control parameter to update the projection for the shapefile. Here's the documentation for batch macros to help you design your own:


Attached is an example macro I put together with some sample data.