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Setting Date on many Google Analytics Connectors


I have a workflow that pulls data from 7 Google Analytics connectors.  In order for the data to be accurate, all of the connectors must be set to have the same start and end date.  I would like to add a way to set the start and end date on all of the connectors at the same time instead of indivudually setting them all.


I have tried connecting each Google Analytics connector to an "Action" tool, then connect that to either a "Date" interface, or "Text Box" interface where I just manually enter the date.  It gives me the error:


Tool#60: Oarse Error at char(0): Argument 2 of DATETIMEADD is not a string.

Tool#1: Tool #255: Parse Error at char(0): Formula: tried to apply string operator to numberic value (REGEX_MATCH)


I have tried the steps here with no success:


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @crunyeon


We would need more information to be able to troubleshoot. If you could share your workflow or reach out to me directly, this would help getting this resolved for you. Let me know! 



Amy Davies
Community Moderator and Customer Support Engineer

I have the same/similar need. Looking forward to seeing the solution.