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Service account can't connect to SharePoint 365 list

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My apologies if this is a dupe topic, I was only finding posts from 2016 and prior...


I have a SharePoint list that I can connect to via the SharePoint List Input tool (I'm on Alteryx 2019.2). With my own credentials, I can read all lists and views available to me. I've created a Tableau data set and corresponding dashboards.


Now it's time to move it to production so I'm trying to use credentials for a service account so that I don't have to worry about a password expiring. I can log into the same SharePoint site with those creds in a Web browser so I know it has access rights, but when I use them in Alteryx, I get an error telling me to "Enter a valid connection". Nothing ever becomes available in the List or View drop downs.


Has anyone else ever encountered this? I presume its permissions at some level, but I don't know enough about SharePoint to know what that might be. Help?



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Hi @ColleenH218,


I have the same setup for service account and it works fine - what access does your account have on this SP site?


In my setup both myself and my service account are 'Owner' type - is this the same your side.


I said 'fine' above, but actually with our extensive usage of SP we came across many limitations like 5K limitation for record download for a single view, problems with complex field types like Image, problems with lists with large number of fields/columns, no support for SharePoint Library object (creating folders and uploading and downloading files).


Due to all the above we've developed SharePoint APIs from ground up and i'm in the process of packaging them into macros to be soon shared as a blog post.


Please let me know how you're getting along and maybe i'll be able to give you some pointers and share some workflows that recreate the build-in connectors?





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Thanks for your reply @rafalolbert ! Sometimes all it takes is someone else to say what I've already said for someone else to take my word for it. I asked our SharePoint admin to compare the permissions of my account against those of the service account and lo and behold, they were different. He gave the service account "site collection admin" privileges and that seems to have done the trick!


This list is relatively small (it's a "ticketing" system we created with a SharePoint list so that users can submit a fix or change request ticket to me regarding the Alteryx workflows they run to process rebate claims) but it is used to create some very powerful Tableau reports showing the amount of time it takes to complete that work, how many fixes vs. change requests, etc.


Thank you again for your expertise!