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Sequence of bars in chart

6 - Meteoroid


Hey all,


I'm happy with the positive numbers in the chart below, but for the negative numbers I would like to have the largest negative bar at the top and the smallest at the bottom. Anyway to do this?







Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Robert-Jan - If you add a sort tool that sorts by the amount field in Descending order, your bars should be sorted with the largest negative bar at the top and smallest at the bottom.


Hope that works!

Alteryx Partner

Hi RobJanBou,


In this link other people of the community suggest to Alteryx to put a sort/order into the charting tool.


I think it's still under review.


In the meantime (that other users propose a solution), you can try to put a sort tool before the charting tool. i created a "mini-flow" and it works.




6 - Meteoroid

Thanks a lot, works like a charm!