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Separating Large Dataset

I'm regularly given deployment lists that are way too big to upload into our email client as a whole. These lists are like 900,000 rows of data that I need to separate into smaller equal parts. Is there a way I can tell alteryx to see what the max number of records in the list is and split it into even datasets that are more manageable, but also maintain the fields at the top?



I'm assuming here you are referencing sending out multiple emails, or multiple files?

You can very easily accomplish something like this using the Group By functionality in Alteryx, or by creating file names or email names and leveraging these in your output, but understanding your final end point will help a lot in creating an example of this.

Hi Claje,


I need to separate a larger list file into smaller files for import.




Here's an example workflow splitting a list of 900,000 records into individual files (split every 3000 records).  I used the Multi-Row Formula tool to accomplish the naming convention easily, and then output to a series of temp csv files.  Does this do what you are looking for?


Yes thank you Claje!