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Sending email with unique attachments to unique individuals

Hi All,


First, I've attached a mockup of some data for reference.


I have a report in which I'd like to create separate Excel files for based on column "F" (Director column). In the example attached this means two separate Excel documents named "Dustin" and "Mailbox". As you will see there is also a "Hiring Manager" column (column "D"). I would like to send out an email that groups by director and emails to the director email found in column "G". This email should also "CC" each of the managers emails found in column "E" if they roll up to the same director.


So far I've been able to create each of the Excel documents without issue. The problem is that when I'm trying to setup the Email Tool I've never been able to have both the director email and hiring manager email as selectable fields in the "To" and "CC" areas.



6/13/2019 update - I used the summarize feature to try and group data together. The issue I'm now having is that is multiple email addresses role up to one director it is sending multiple emails to the director email address. I'd like one email to go to the director with all "hiring managers" "CC'ed".2Untitled.pngUntitled.png

Here is a picture of what is happening. It is sending out 5 emails at this time. I'd like it to lump emails together if the email is the same in "Email2". It should also "CC" all the different emails found in "Email" as "Email" are the hiring managers that roll up to "Email2" who is the director.3Untitled.png