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Sending Emails from SMTP server requiring AUTHENTICATION with Python Code tool


Thanks @WillBowman  for this awesome solution!  


This is awesome! @DavidM  @WillBowman 

Alteryx Partner

Something really weird going on here .... when I install the package the macro doesn't show up at all :( 


In the end I had to copy the contents of the macro to a brand new workflow and then it worked fine.




That is certainly weird. With 2019.1? or an earlier version?

Alteryx Partner

Yeah, 2019.1.6  VERY crazy but I got it working.  I now have a VERY impressed client :) 


Nicee. Just a word of warning, the python tool (read: this macro) has failure potential when used in macros.


This error occurs when the macro is called simultaneously by separate workflows. If there are 10 workflows with the macro that are scheduled to run at the same time, some may fail.


This is because Alteryx runs everything python through jupyter (even in production mode... yeah they kind of stretched the truth a little on that one) and jupyter locks certain files when it runs the code.


I haven't actually seen this error in my logs for a while but that may be because I moved most of my error reporting to airflow :/



Hello @WillBowman,

Thank you very much for the Macro!

I just have a little trouble when I want to send with an attachment, I find the email in "Sent item" but nothing in the "Inbox" of the recipient.

Sending without an attachment works perfectly.

I have the version of the macro with the correction: c ['Attachment Path'] replaced by e ['Attachment Path'].

Do you know where this error might come from?