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7 - Meteor



I am trying to figure out how to trigger the delivery of an email in the specific case in which a String value is not found in my field. The email is pretty much supposed to be sent to me on a daily basis only to notify "hey, that string today is not there".


Any idea on how I can trigger the email in such case?




Thank you.

14 - Magnetar

Hi @Hermes1314 


You should be able to add a 'does not contain' filter before the email to check the field that doesn't have the string. If no records are passed the email won't send. 

7 - Meteor

Hi @Luke_C,


Thanks for the idea, but unfortunately that does not really help. Such filter would give me a result 100% of the cases, which is not good.

I need the email to be sent exclusively in the situation where that one specific string containing the word "Tableau" is not present in my dataset. 

14 - Magnetar



Do you have some sample data? Maybe following a filter check you can count the records and do another check based on the record counts?

12 - Quasar

Hi @Hermes1314 , as @Luke_C  had stated, filter the records.

Seeing your image of the workflow, you may achieve same by connecting the email tool to the false anchor of your existing filter tool.

11 - Bolide

If I understand correctly, the MODULE field has multiple strings and you want to check if any of them contains "Tableau".  If none of them do, you want to send the email.  So there will always be some records that do not match.


This will do it:



Count the records from the true anchor on your original filter, and check if the count is 0 (no matching strings).  Connect the email tool to the T anchor on the second filter.


12 - Quasar

Hi @Hermes1314 


If you also want to identify which records and associated values do not match your requirement (equal to Tableau), try appending text to a table containing the invalid records using the Report Text tool, then attach to your Email tool with the Table field as your message body.


Let me know if you want the workflow to stop processing downstream if any MODULE values do not equal Tableau.



16 - Nebula

Hi @Hermes1314 ,


Is this what you're after?

I think you mean you might have the following dataset:



and you want an email to be sent if "Tableau" does not appear in the "Module" column at all. So, you only want to receive one email, basically saying it does not exist.

I've achieved this as follows:




I used the Summarise tool to concatenate the Module column into a single cell, separated by \n (line breaks). This allows you to then filter on whether the entire column contains "Tableau" or not, and not individual rows.


I hope this helps,





7 - Meteor

@Christina_H thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. Great advice, thank you very much, problem solved. 🙂