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Send Email if workflow ...


I am trying to get Alteryx to send me an email if a workflow produces records or does not.

The settings from events does not do want I want and the email tool sends too many emails for what I am wanting.

A simple email stating xyz has a record when normally it doesnt have any records.


Hi @jonathangonzales


You could use the count records tool linked up to the message tool to error if certain records have values in them. The logic can be built out within the message tool itself. 


I would also recommend this article from @TonyM who actually uses the message tool to highlight the exact cell which differs between files. 


With the above suggestions I think they give some potential ways you can address your use case. 


In terms of the events not emailing what you want. You can delete some of the content and just leave %outputlog% which would give you the error message from the message tool only. 


Workflow attached (Built in Alteryx Designer 10.6)




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant