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Self containing jobs and orchestration

8 - Asteroid



I have been using Alteryx Designer and Scheduler for 8 months and I have mixed feelings. While it does ETL well (lacking some features with cloud dbs like BigQuery and Redshift) it works.


The major gap I found is orchestration. Chaining ETL jobs, assigning dependencies can't be done, or it can be done but ... it is a dirty macro solution that doesn't scale well. The same approach to ETL should be applied to orchestration.


I was thinking ways Alteryx could fix this:

  • Create a orchestration solution 
  • Package ETL jobs into self-running executables (export), and then we could do the orchestrating with Airflow or Luigi.


What are your thoughts?



Joao Correia


12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I don't think Alteryx positions themselves as an ETL tool - they are an analytics platform and so don't really compete with, nor have the features of something like an Informatica.