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Selecting the latest month from a column

7 - Meteor

hi there


can you help me select the latest month from this column. I will then duplicate the column so I have the latest month reading current month. Qlik should then look at the text for current month to populate the data.


In case you can't see the attachment


The column contains data that says Aug.18, Jul.18, Jun.18, and so on so forth.





13 - Pulsar

Try out the attached. First you need to convert to date format, then Summarize to find the max, then convert back to your original format.


Hope it helps!

7 - Meteor



That half gives me the answer that I want - I was working along the same lines but using the parse tool. I got as far as the max in summarise but then I'd need to combine the data again with the original data set and for some reason if I join it, it'll only create that one line of data. I will then fill in the other months as they are and rename the current month as current month.


I hope that makes sense

13 - Pulsar

Look into the Append Fields tool. If you have a single record that you need on every row of data in another dataset, Append will do just that.