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Selecting only the first two groupings of rows

8 - Asteroid

I have a workflow that brings in a report that is issued around every 1-4 hours.  I say around as sometimes the report runs hourly, sometimes the report runs 3 hours later. This is scripted and intentional, for reasons I know not.


I need the reports from specific times only:



I need the results for that current run and the run previous. i.e. if the report runs at 9am, I only need the rows containing 8:55am and 5:55am, then when it runs at 3pm it needs 2:55pm and 8:55am


Output looks like this:


Annotation 2020-05-21 094322.jpg


Is there a way to have this as a single logic?


The way I see to do it now is essentially 4 different workflows. I already created a formula for the "ReportAging" column. So I have Workflow 9AM do a filter series like so:


Annotation 2020-05-21 094544.jpg

Where it pulls only the last 12 hours, then separates the most recent and the next previous.


This can then be modified for each run where the previous is 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours. It just seems unwieldy. 


Again, anyway to have this wrapped up in a single bit of logic, or if I have to have multiple runs then is the Report aging calculation the best approach? 


I've attached an extract of the file shown above.

12 - Quasar

Hi, @wmcclure 


Please mark as an acceptable solution and Like, if this works for you.


Block of relevant run times

Filter Tool formula

DateTimeHour([IssueDate])=5 OR
DateTimeHour([IssueDate])=8 OR
DateTimeHour([IssueDate])=14 OR
DateTimeMinutes([IssueDate]) =55




Gets the latest reports for the two most recent run times.


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @wmcclure 


Here's workflow that retrieves all the results for the target hours and the run before



The bottom branch is used to find the reports that need to be included.  It stars with a summarize tool to get the unique [IssueDate] and then filters those to get all the ones for the target hours.  These are unioned back to the remaining records, sorted and the Multi Row tool flags the target run and the run that came before.  The output of the next filter is the total set of issue dates that you need



Notice that this includes the 4:55 run that preceded the targeted 5:55 run.  The final join selects records from your input data