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Selecting columns from imported data, based on a list of desired columns


Alteryx rookie here! Just started using the tool and am amazed at its power already!


I have a huge data set with over 500 columns, of which I only really need 30 or so for my analysis. Instead of using the select tool and manually scrolling through 500 fields to choose the 30 I need, I was wondering if there is a way to use a list of the 30 columns from a separate excel file, and then use this list in combination with the select tool.


This may be an easy question - forgive me!



Hi @mric 


One method is to list the fields out that you'd want (e.g. in a text input); if you transpose your data, you can use a join as a 'select', where the middle of the join (field name to name, shown below) becomes the fields you want. 


To get your data back to where you want you just need to cross tab back. Something along the lines of this (and attached):




Hope that helps


Alteryx Certified Partner



A Union tool, I think, would fit the bill. There's an option that's often overlooked that will only output fields that existed in all the data streams connected into it.




Hope this helps!

Teknion Data Solutions


Thanks very much Jimmy! Appreciate the quick reply. Wishing you a productive week!


Thanks a lot Andy for this analysis and workflow. Happy Monday!