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Select forgets the specified type

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone!


I face a problem with Select in my workflow. I change the type of column in Select from date to string, and then compare it with other string.

However, once I finish the chain of apps and rerun the my apps, it returns in a error than I can only compare string field. When I open the workflow itself, Select has type as String, BUT after I run it as a workflow, type changes back to Date again. 


How is it possible? The idea of using Select is to change column types forever, even if the table is empty. Why does it revert my changes of type?


Mane thanks in advance!

11 - Bolide

Hi @PartyKat , are you able to share a copy of your workflow or a screenshot? It might help us troubleshoot the issue if we could see it.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @PartyKat 


Select tools can be weak in this regard. I suggest a Multi Field Formula tool. Not because you need a formula for multiple fields, but because you can change apply a formula and force the type in one tool. To configure this tool, select the date field (assuming the name is consistent), change the type to string, and apply the ToString( function to that field.