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Select Tool - with a formula, possible? Or a better solution possible?


Hello, new and posting again. Thank you for your help and patience. 

I am trying to take financial statements that run vertically and have company name in row 1 and all information below. I only need 10 companies so I was using the "Select tool" to manually select each company I need. Given that requests change over time and there are hundreds to scroll through - is there any more efficient way to do a "select"? I was thinking a formula similar to how filter works.

If i am not clear I could post more information. Thank you again

Alteryx Partner

You should take a look at the Dynamic Select tool, configured to use a formula. If you can provide a sample dataset I could try and put something together to make it more clear.


Let me know if this helps,




Another option might be to use a Transpose tool, depending on how big your data is.

That way you could transpose by company name, and use a filter to select everything else