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Select Tool- quick way to compare if field headers match from 2 sources?


Hi All,


I was wondering if there is a way to quickly compare whether or not all of the field titles from two different inputs match, using the select tool. I have a workspace that has 150+ fields that come from different input sources so just as a double check I like to make sure all of my field headers match before using the union tool to join them together. I know that if one of the fields is titled differently then the union won't work properly. I could do this manually but it is quite tedious to check this amount of headers between two sources.




Hi @bryanmason19


If you are looking to try and get as many fields matching before using a union, I would transpose your field headers and use the data cleansing tool to UPPERCASE your field header field. I would then use a join tool to match on the Name field coming out of the transpose from both of your sources. This way you can see which fields match and which fields fall out on the left and the right more easily. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant. 



THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Simple task that meant the world to me. Thank you for the example.