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Select Tool - Rename fields

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Hi all,


I developed a workflow that works. Now, would like to adjust some column names with the Select tool. That works too. As soon as I go in the Render Tool, the column header are transformed to a lower case, even if I did an upper case. Is there a trick why the render tool transforms the column headers?


Thanks and best regards,

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @wolfgangh ,


It doesn't have any trick, it is a straight forward process. Would you be able to share a sample where this problem is happening?



Fernando Vizcaino

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Hey @wolfgangh,


Most likely it is changing due to other reporting tools you have in your workflow. For example if you are using a table tool, there is an option when you select each column to rename the field. Ensure those have nothing in them.

Renaming in reporting tools.PNG

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That is a hint to remember for a different issue, if it occurs.

I fixed the problem by deleting the Select Tool, running the workflow a couple of times and Put a "fresh" Select tool on. Strangely is, that I can not change the rename more than once, otherwise it falls back to the old rename.


Manual effort but solved