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Select Over Multiple Tables

7 - Meteor

Hi, I just had a quick question about using Alteryx to do something I can do in Access relatively easy, but I can't find a solution. If I have a list of customers and a list of SKUs and I want to blend this data together to get every possible combination how would I get Alteryx to do that?


Historically I would just setup a query without a join in Access and then run that query and transform it back into a table to use as the source of my dataset.


The SQL would look like the below.


SELECT SKUs.SKUs, Stores.Stores




14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Try the Append tool (in the Join category of tools)! It will append everything from your Source data to the Target data, creating all possible combinations. If you have more than 16 SKU's (or customers, depending which list you're using as your Source), you'll need to turn off the default Warn/Error at the bottom of the configuration that prevents it from appending more than 16 records. 🙂


Hope that helps!



7 - Meteor

Exactly what I was looking for!


Thank you so much