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(Seemingly) Random Failures to Publish to Tableau Server (error #592)

Alteryx Certified Partner



I've been experiencing what I consider to be peculiar failures in our nightly scheduled workflows. Workflows that have not been recently edited, or have any history of issues are sometimes failing to Publish to Tableau Server and giving a #526 error. Sometimes the error message reads "The file was not uploaded successfully." other times "server did not call us back". This is happening to a handful of workflows -- and not the same workflow each night. Some workflows consist of only two tools (Input connected Publish to Tableau Server), so it's not like there's a random tool somewhere on the canvas causing the issue. If I manually run these workflows they sometimes work and sometimes similarly fail. This makes me think it's not an overnight interruption or scheduling issue. 


I can't figure out what the issue could be based on this information. I also wonder if there's something going on with our Tableau server.


Has anyone experienced this?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey Caleb,


I havn't experienced this personally but I've found this post by someone trying to publish to tableau server through a python script.


Perhaps this helps (I hope so!)