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Seasonality configuration in TS Forecast Factory tool


Hi all,


I was able to create forecast for multiple categories at one time in my alteryx model.

But unlike, single category TS forecast in Arima method, i was not able to select D=1 in 'TS Forecast Factory tool' to include seasonality in the model.

Below is the snapshot. Any help is highly appreciated.


Can someone shed some light?




Hello @brad567,


The reason this configuration option is not present in the TS Model Factory tool is due to the fact that each group would most likely require a different model, so it wouldn't be ideal to make a specification like this for every group. Also, the underlying algorithm does check whether or not a differenced variable would be ideal. However, if you are certain that differencing your variable would make it stationary (for every group), you could try manually creating  the differenced variable using a multi-row formula tool.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Hoss Carroll
Customer Support Engineer

Hello HossC,


Can you provide an example of how to use multi-row to create differenced variable? Or any pictorial representation of what the data would look like would help a lot.