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Seasonality configuration in TS Forecast Factory tool

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Hi all,


I was able to create forecast for multiple categories at one time in my alteryx model.

But unlike, single category TS forecast in Arima method, i was not able to select D=1 in 'TS Forecast Factory tool' to include seasonality in the model.

Below is the snapshot. Any help is highly appreciated.


Can someone shed some light?




Hello @brad567,


The reason this configuration option is not present in the TS Model Factory tool is due to the fact that each group would most likely require a different model, so it wouldn't be ideal to make a specification like this for every group. Also, the underlying algorithm does check whether or not a differenced variable would be ideal. However, if you are certain that differencing your variable would make it stationary (for every group), you could try manually creating  the differenced variable using a multi-row formula tool.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Hoss Carroll
Customer Support Engineer
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello HossC,


Can you provide an example of how to use multi-row to create differenced variable? Or any pictorial representation of what the data would look like would help a lot.