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Search Within WorkFlow


Afternoon Everyone,


I have built a workflow for my client that is doing modeling, however they would like a feature within the workflow where a user could enter "XXXX" into the search function and then it would point them into the right direction. Similar to if you where on a webpage or document and did CTRL + F. This tool would mainly be used to point out the different data sources that we have used because within the workflow we have used numerous data sources. Is this possible? Would appreciate any help..



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

You can do 'Control+F' in Alteryx, and search the word 'Input' and all the inputs would show up; you can even search a specific file path.


What we advise our clients to do is on the configuration window for each tool, go to the 'annotation' tab and add a more descriptive name so it doesn't just appear in the find as '1 - Input Data'.


When the user selects something in this find mode, Alteryx will navigate to that tool on the canvas and select it.




Interesting, would you say that they should do CTRL + F and then Input + the file name? Is there not a way to create a search box within my work flow?

Are you just looking for the ability to find a particular tool in your workflow? If you type CTRL + F while in the Designer canvas, a "Find" window will pop up that allows you to enter keywords to search in your canvas - for example, type "input" to pull up a list of all Input tools in your workflow, or type "California" to find any tool that references California in the configuration, such as in a formula or text input or filename etc. This is by far one of my favorite features when working with large workflows - rather than clicking on a dozen tools to find the right one, you can just enter a keyword that you're looking for and get a much smaller list to investigate. Then, when you click on a tool in the list that pops up in the Find window, it will take you right to that tool on the canvas.


Does that help out?




This was exactly what I was looking for, essentially because we have so many different kinds of data inputs it'll defiantly help out. However, with this is there a way to have the search bar always available. One of our biggest challenges that we face is the people using the model wont be the most "Tech Savvy" people so having something built that will always be present would defiantly be more ideal, however I guess CTRL + F is always an option too ...

Don't believe there is a way to include an actual search bar within your workflow, but you could create a nicely formatted Comment Box in a Tool Container with instructions for using the Find function (also available under the View menu in Alteryx, FYI, if you don't want to use the shortcut keys), and maybe a picture illustrating an example? See attached for an example... not quite as dynamic as a built in search bar, but you can collapse the Tool Container and stick it somewhere out of the way in your workflow for users to reference if needed?





This was an excellent solution! Thank you so much


This is a good solution.