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Search Replace tool changing numeric data to all zeros


Hi! I have a workflow that is joining data in two tables. l have used both a Search Replace and a Join tool. I am adding meta data from a lookup table to a larger table with spend data. Everything appears to be going just fine, except that all my numeric columns, including my spend column, is being overwritten and changed to zeros.  In case you are wondering, Spend is in my larger table, not the one with meta data being appended.


Is this some type of bug? I seriously don't want to do this entire process in SQL, but it will be my only option if I can't figure this out.






It is also happening with the Join tool.


I changed the numeric field to a string...and it still changed them all to zeros.


I can't believe I'm the only one having this issue.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Never seen this behaviour before so I think we will need you to show an example workflow with a few lines of sample data which replicated the issue.

Also what version of Alteryx are you using.


I am using the most recent version of Alteryx.


I can show a screenshot as I cannot share client data.


Find Tool Setup.JPGFind Replace Tool SetupPrice after Find Replace Tool.JPGPrice after Find ReplacePrice going into Find Replace tool.JPGPrice Before Find Replace



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @MKosmicki


I cannot replicate this issue.


Are we sure this is not a data issue? Could you please try and placing a filter on the lower stream to remove instances where the price field is 0.


Once you have tried the above, I would ask you to replicate it with a small subset of 5 rows, with random, non sensitive data. At the point where you are confident it is not a data problem I would then consider raising this as a support ticket with Alteryx, through


Also, there was a new release today so I don't know if you are aware of this and have already downloaded or infact you are on 2018.3 which is now not the latest release.




I opened a ticket with Support this morning. I am using 2018.3. 


I'll try suppressing any "0" values. Although I doubt it will make any difference.


@BenMoss  You were right. It ended up being a data issue. The person giving me information about the data files (at another company) was not as familiar with the data as I thought. Hard to find data where there is none.


Thanks for your help on this!