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Scheduling workflow (included Macro) in server




I tried to schedule the workflow in Alteryx server I am getting below error. And I have placed my job in server side as package (.yxzp) and tried to run the job. I could able to run the job (regular run) successfully in server and Facing issue when we tried to schedule the job in server.Fyi, we are not using any gallery to schedule the job.


Tool #24 Cannot find macro "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\xxxxxx\mac_Dyn_process_xxx.yxmc".


Specified the macro available path in user settings--> macro tab.


Can someone please provide the solution




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Gans,


It looks your macro is being specified locally, outside the package. I would make sure all macros involved in the workflow are packaged as well. 


Check this article for looking at your dependencies, and how to change them -

Check this article where another user that had a similar issue, resolved using the method I suggested -


Hope this helps,