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Scheduling from Gallery - Disappears on Open?


Experts -


Little issue or misunderstanding on my part:  I schedule a workflow from the gallery but it doesn't persist.  I.e. if I set up a schedule via the "Create Schedule" dialogue box, hit "Done" and then go back into the schedule it is back to square one (my previously entered schedule isn't there anymore).  The job will kick off as per the schedule unless I open that dialogue box, in which case it is erased.


Am I doing something wrong here or is that just how its designed?


Hello @Bonediggler,


It sounds like you're looking to edit a current schedule as opposed to creating a new one, is that right?


When clicking the "Schedule" button, by default, we'll try to create a new schedule as for example, you may wish to schedule a workflow multiple times to allow for more granular control of schedules or someone else may wish to schedule the same workflow at a different time if you have it shared with other users that would be able to access your Gallery.


In order to edit your currently created schedule, you'll need to choose the "Schedules" tab in your private Alteryx Gallery, then click the "Edit" icon (pen) next to the schedule you'd like to modify.




This should bring up a dialog with your previous schedule information and you can now edit it to change any details:




Let me know if I've misunderstood the situation at all, but hopefully this will get you all set!

Mike Spoula
Support Knowledge Manager

Mike - that's what I was looking for.  Thanks!