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Scheduling a Workflow with a Powershell Script


Hello Everyone,


I have a workflow that runs a simple powershell script that moves, renames, and deletes some files at the end of a workflow.  It works without error when I manually run the workflow, but when I schedule it (I have designer with desktop automation) to run at night when the computer is locked, I get an error.  I have attached a screenshot of my Run Command tool and workflow results.


Has anyone come across this before?  It's probably a Powershell problem.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Issues like this are typically related to credentials. The link below shows how you can specify the credentials for Scheduler to use to make sure powershell has the permissions it needs.


Thanks for the idea! I'll try it tonight


So I made the change in the advanced settings, but it did not work overnight.


When I came in this morning my computer no longer saw it self as a Controller.  The service was frozen in a 'Stopping' state.  So I changed the service to use my ID as well and rebooted my machine.  The scheduler picked back up and ran the job after that.