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Scheduling Workflows Using Event Run Command in Gallery

I am trying to create an event on one workflow to run another workflow upon Run without Errors


I have been trying to follow the instructions here:


So far I have configured the following:

Run Event When: After run without Errors

Command: _externals\1\AlteryxEngineCmd.exe

Command Arguments (Optional): "_externals\2\JDE GFOGE3 AP Cleared -Load to SQL Server.yxmd"


Both the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe and JDE GFOGE3 AP Cleared -Load to SQL Server.yxmd are assets in this workflow. 


This results in the following error when trying to run on our gallery/server. 

  • Error running Event #2: The external program "_externals\1\AlteryxEngineCmd.exe" returned an error code: 2: The operation completed successfully. (0)

Is there something different I need to do to get this to work in our Gallery/Server?






In your Command and Command arguments you're referencing the _externals directory which gets created when you package assets with a workflow when publishing it onto the server.


If you'd like to trigger AlteryxEngineCmd.exe on the server, you'd need to provide a path to this executable on the server which is normally the below (I'd check with your server admin)

C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxEngineCmd.exe


As for the workflow you'd like to trigger, I'd recommend


  • hosting it on a shared network drive
  • making sure that this location is accessible from the server and by the run as user used to execute workflows on the server
  • referencing the location using UNC path

I hope that makes sense.



Hi @Shelton_Thompson 


As opposed to invoking the Alteryx engine using the run command, look into building a series of Chained Apps.   As the name implies, chained apps are designed to invoke an other workflow on successful completion of the 1st one, and will work natively on the Gallery


 On the Workflow tab of the Workflow - Configuration screen, change type of your workflows to Analytic App.



Once you do this, go into the Interface Designer, clear on the gear and check "On Success - Run Another Analytic App".  



and enter the name of the workflow to run.


Check out this post for an interactive lesson on chaining apps





I am trying this but it is not actually running the next app. Tried manually running and the schedule. 


DO I need to format the app file name in a certain way? I currently have it entered just as JDE GFOGE3 AP Cleared -Load to SQL Server.yxwz


Hi @Shelton_Thompson 


Once you get both your workflows as analytic apps go into the 1st one and enter the name of the second in the file box below the On Success - Run Another Analytic App check box




then when you run the the app from the wizard it will trigger the 2nd app on success





Yes that is what I did and when saving to the gallery, it saved the second app with it. But when running in the gallery, it is not actually running the second app.