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We are currently working with scheduler and were wondering if there was a way to generate an email once all scheduled tasks are completed?  If yes, could this email let us know what processes failed/successfully executed along with time/date stamps?


Thank you!


Try using the Events tab in Workflow configuration! You can Add a "Send email..." command that will run after you run the workflow, and can choose whether you want it to send every time or just when there are errors.


The Event email will include basic information about who ran it, the computer name, how many errors/conversion errors/warnings, and then will contain an output log that shows start time and how long to complete each step of the workflow with any related warnings/errors from the workflow.


Should contain all the info you need!


** EDIT: Rereading your request, looks like you might be looking for a daily summary of results from the scheduler... if emails after each individual task won't work, I believe there is a way to connect to the scheduler logging output. Let us know if you would prefer more details on that route, rather than receiving individual emails after each workflow is run by enable the Send Email event!




Hope that helps - cheers!




Hi Nicole,


Thank you for your response.  Our only issue is that we have several workflows that are scheduled.  Instead of receiving an email for each one, is there a way to receive just a single email with a list of which tasks failed/successfully ran?  


Thank you,


Yes, I believe there is a way to do this - I'll try to dig up some instructions on how to access the scheduler output log rather than individual emails (unless someone else jumps in and answers first!) :)


Thank you!  This community rocks!


Off the top of my head, what if each individual process dumps a file with date/time stamp (if successful). Then schedule a final workflow to pick up all those logs. Then that workflow could be the one that sends the email. You could even set up an Excel file or something to list the workflows you know should have run/succeeded. Join that to your logs and it could email a list:

@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide



Could you please clarify how we would dump a file with Date/time stamp?  I have only been using Alteryx for a little over a month and there is so much i still don't know.  Is creating a final workflow to pick up the logs the best solution?


Thank you,





I haven't personally used scheduler, but here's what I'm thinking... and by all means, anyone else can/should chime in - I'm doing this off the top of my head ;-)


Yes, you're going to make a workflow to capture the log files. First, make a list of your workflows in Excel or csv - or even the Text input tool in your log capture workflow.


Within each workflow, add a tool that counts the records (this part is a little fuzzy - but there's a way to do it where the result is record count or zero vs. record count or NULL). Then add a formula tool to create the following fields:

JobName: Just type a string, but make it the exact same name as the in the master list

Result: IF [RecordCount]>0 THEN "Pass" ELSE "Fail" ENDIF



Lastly, add an Excel or csv to output your results. Put each result file in the same folder.


In your log capture workflow, which you would schedule to run after all the others should have run, use a wildcard input to union all of your log files. 


Join that input to your master job list with a LEFT join, so your join field is JobName, the first column is JobName from the left input and the other columns are from your right input.


Now you should see something like the following:


JobName (Left)Result (Right)Date (Right)
OneFail2018-05-01 08:00 
ThreePass2018-05-01 09:00


The NULL indicates that the job never got to the record count step and you'll know there's something that needs to be fixed within the workflow.


Here are instructions on emailing that log report:


I would set up and schedule a few fake workflows to test this process, and then intentionally "break" a couple of them to make sure the log capture is working as expected.


Let me know how it goes!


@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide