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Scheduled Workflows and Results can only be seen by the user that Scheduled it?

8 - Asteroid

Is this true?  

One ("implemented") idea I found said there was a way to setup a schedule so all the users in a private studio could see the Scheduled workflows.  

Since 2018.4...  We are on 2019.1


No details on how to do this was provided.  


Am not a Curator, so maybe I just don't have access?  

Not seeing any way to do this in the Private Studio or under Schedules.


Please advise.


Hey @MJ 


In order to get all users in a subscription/studio seeing each other's schedules, a setting must be enabled by a curator in the Admin section of the Alteryx Gallery.  Once in the admin section, a curator would need to go to subscriptions, select the subscription in question and check "Shared Schedules Enabled" to Yes on that page.  Here's a screenshot to show you an example.  Let me know if this helps!



8 - Asteroid


I'll ask my Curator to flip to Yes (assuming it's set to No rn)