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Scheduled Workflow error


My workflow is scheduled to run everyday at certain time. It picks only the latest files from directory and runs. What if someday my workflow failed and it did not run on that day.The next day run will skip that failed file and continue for the latest file. But i want the failed workflow to run again (i'l fix the error) and generate output and then go for next latest file. How do i fix this issue?



Note: The workflow takes only one file i.e the latest file, per run and generates output.


Hi there


What happens to the input file when it successfully gets processed by the workflow?


There are a couple of ways for this:


1.  Configure the workflow to run for specific dates to pick up the files based on this


2. Move the input file to another folder once successfully processed via the workflow, and then configure the workflow to pick up whatever file is left in the input directory. You can use a batch macro to process the file individually and output as a separate file also


3. Keep the workflow to pick up the latest file but it can check for other files in the input directory and process them also


Hi Rishi,


I've tried this but not working for me. My files are in network drive and batch macro is not working for network files.

Is there a way to do that?


Hi there


You need to convert the network drive paths to a UNC format.


Have a look at this article below:


I've followed those steps but when i'm running from gallery i'm getting error: "The system cannot find the file specified. (2)"


Hi there


Can you check whether the account you're using  for the Alteryx Server actually has access/permission to that path itself? When you run a job / workflow / app, they are actually running under the user account that the Server was set up with.

Alteryx Partner



You can use block until done Crew macro which can wait for certain timeperiod and execute the workflow using the Run command tool. This way you check for the file and run the workflow automatically.


I suggest you use the Email tool at the end of the workflow to get the notification emails for Success/Failure.


@Bharatandalam @RishiK ,

This is similar to what we are experiencing as well. The issue we have is that if anything is temporarily wrong with the server we schedule workflows through, and there was a workflow that was supposed to be running at that same time, then no success or failure email would be sent and the workflow would have to be run manually if we notice that it didn't run. Do you have ideas on how to mitigate this? Thanks!

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You can install the Crew macros and create a workflow you want to schedule using the Conditional runner macro.


using a email tool at the failure output can notify of  any failures.


Let me know if you have any trouble using the email tool.





Hi Bharat,


I've tried this as well but did not reach to my output.

What i want is that my workflow should read the latest file from directory and place it on some folder ,say Success folder. If any error comes then it should be in the same folder where it was.

Everyday we get one new file from user and our workflow reads that file from network directory and process the output.I'm only finding it difficult to automate my workflow on failure or some US holidays where no new file arrives.