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Scatterplot Error in parse(text = the.command)

7 - Meteor

The scatterplot tool keeps throwing up the following error: Error: Scatterplot (332): Tool #2: Error in parse(text = the.command) : <text>:1:63: unexpected symbol


The error appears whenever I use the plot by groups function in the tool.  


Is there a specific way to use this functionality?

7 - Meteor

I figured it out. The error was due to the title of my field that was grouping the data points.


It was not formatted as one word or in a way for R to read properly.


Essentially did the following change:

  • Original title: Store Number
  • New title: Store


8 - Asteroid

You are a hero

This was bothering me a lot, so I appreciate you posting the answer after figuring it out.