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Scatter plot gives error "no valid fields were selected"

Dear All ,


I'm trying to build a Liner regression Model, when I try to display the results on a scatter plot I got the following problems:


1-I didn't get the list of (X, Y) fields to select them to be displayed.

2-I got an error said (no valid fields were selected).

Please check the following Image and WF to double check.


Error Scatter Plot.JPG



Hey @MAAbdullahAlMubarah


The workflow you attached is different from the image in your post; it also uses two diamond data sets I don't have access to.  In the image you posted, the main issue is that you've sent the model output (which is an R model object) to the scatterplot instead of scoring the data and sending those results to the scatterplot.  In the workflow you sent it seems to be set up properly at first glance but there may be an issue with the metadata flowing through to the scatterplot tool.  Is it possible to provide a packaged workflow so I can work through the error message?


If not, one thing you may want to try is confirming that your Linear Regression tool has a model name assigned in the configuration as it is currently blank.  Happy to dig further if you can pass along some test data!




Hi Chris ,

For your Question

"Is it possible to provide a packaged workflow so I can work through the error message?" , I'm New In Alteryx and I don't know what do you mean by (Package Workflow) My Alteryx Version is (2018.3.4.51585).
You said in the meta-data there is a (Diamond) data as a source but I checked the setting of the Liner tool it doesn't contain any metadata related to (Diamond) It is for (p1-Customer) Data source as is shown in the Image below.
In Addition, I try to output the report for the Liner regression to get the results but It didn't give me anything, I did the practics as it is stated in Alteryx Videos and documents. I'll be appreciated if you create a new workflow from scratch using my csv file with the similar scenario between 2 fields:

1-Customer Segmentation with 4 categories detailed in the formula tool.

2-The Predicted value is Avg Amount (Numeric).

I attached all the needed files and waiting for your updates.




Work Flow.JPGLiner Tool.JPGSetup.JPG

Also here is the CSV file attached.


Thank you for all of that info! Here's an attached workflow that should be close to what you need.  I wasn't sure what fields  you wanted in the Scatter plot tool for comparison; I chose predicted sales amount and the actual sales amount.


The key thing to note in this workflow is that the Linear Regression tool does not actually predict values for your data.  It creates an algorithm (model) that use to predict values with the Score tool.  You can see in the workflow that the Linear Regression object (O output) is fed into the Score tool along with the actual data.  Then you can do whatever you like with those predicted results!  I've added comments throughout the flow as documentation . Let me know if you have any other questions!


P.S. this "packaged flow" I attached will be pointing at the excel file you uploaded to me.  If you'd like it to point back at any other file on your machine just change the dropdown in the Input tool. 





Thank you, Chris, for your dedication and help. 

"The key thing to note in this workflow is that the Linear Regression tool does not actually predict values for your data."


I know that, In the beginning, I want to do the explanatory analysis to get the equation main Items (Intercept, coefficient) and to check about the degree of correlation between the (X, Y) for the current data If the degree is fine (Correlation with the predicted variable) I will adopt the model for prediction. Now I understand the scatter plot should be joined to the scoring tool to be displayed but also still I have small problem shown in the Images below for the scatter plot, I'm trying to put in (X) the categorized variable (customer segment) with 4 dummy variable but I cannot find it on the x(axis) list instead I found it on the (y) axis list, Kindly can you help me how to reverse this list of variables (customer segment with its dummy variables on X and Avg_Sales_Amount on Y?  (The Workflow is attached) 



Chris Drop List.JPG






Hey @MAAbdullahAlMubarah,


The Scatter Plot tool will only take numeric fields for the X axis, so you won't be able to get Customer_Segment there with that tool.  However you can get the same effect by building your own custom visualization with the Interactive Chart in the Reporting tool palette.  One thing to note is that you won't have access to this tool unless you have version 2018.3 of Designer installed.  


I've attached an example with the chart you're looking for built out. 




Thank You so much Chris

Thanks!  Chris, for this entry. It helped me with my current project and workflow.