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Savings app output to Excel truncates data

7 - Meteor

I see that when saving a pcxml output to Excel (xlsx), some of the columns are truncated.  This includes the column header, and appears to truncate the end of the value on the row not the very end of the column header name string (see the attached file, you'll see what i'm talking about). See thing across apps, and I'm pretty sure this wasn't happening before. Might be an internal company issue, but wasn't sure.


Anyone else ever experience this?



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @nsmith293,

I've not seen this before - but if you are able to mock up a simple flow with some raw data (in a text input), and the method you're using to generate the output and attach to this thread, I'm happy to test this and see if we can find the problem, or replicate the issue?




7 - Meteor

Thanks for the response.  See attached input file and workflow. I run it as an app and then export the pcxml results as XLSX.  You will see the values truncated as described.



One thing I found is that if I only select a few columns (via Select Tool) for the output, i don't see this issue.  Is there some setting in the Basic Table tool, etc. that I need to update to keep this from happening?



7 - Meteor

My company support team figured it out.  it's the render output width.  It expects a "normal" page size so I have to manually adjust that width output.  Alteryx should probably add an option added to the software to auto-size. 



8 - Asteroid

Thank you for this! The Custom Sizing does not resolve the issue for any other output than the xlsx. I have 39 fields in the output so I set the custom size to a width of 60 in order for the data to look organized.  PDF still tries to cram all the data into half a sheet of an 8.5x11" and the word doc just looks messy. 


Also, if the end user ever wants to print the xlsx data, they'd need to go into Page Layout and reset the Width and Height to "Automatic".