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Saving a Workflow with Directory Tool to my Private gallery

6 - Meteoroid

Hi all,


I am running into trouble with a workflow when I try to save it to my Gallery.


I am using a directory tool, to pull in the latest file from a folder on my desktop. I am then using a Dynamic input tool.


The server is not able to read the file path.


Is there a Workaround for this?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Fiona99 ,


You need to use a UNC path to allow the server to determine the filepath. The file path to a folder location will be different from one machine to another.

If you are using a shared network location you can also use relative pathing, which looks like .\Folder1\Folder2. This allows you to direct the Directory tool to begin at the parent directory in which the actual workflow is saved.


Hope this helps.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

You are not able to pull from folders on your desktop via Directory tool or wildcard when on the Gallery for security reasons. It would be a huge security risk if it were doing that.


You can achieve this if you have files on something like a shared drive, and you will need to include the full path. You may also need to ask your IT to give the Alteryx service account running on the Server access to the shared drive.