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Saving CSVs in a new folder created and Zipping it

7 - Meteor

Hello All,


I have a situation, where I have some CSVs, now what my requirement is, I have to save all the CSVs in a single newly created folder and the Zip that folder. Then I need to upload that ZIP file to SharePoint.


I have seen lots of post related to this but didn't find anything which is suitable in my case.


Please guide me. Any lead or suggestion will be much appreciated. Thank you so much.

7 - Meteor

 Hi Asmit,

How far did you get in your efforts on this one? Did you get stuck while zipping the files, creating the folder or uploading to sharepoint?


I'd probably recommend:

1) First, I'd run a bat script which execute an 'MD' command followed by the name of the folder you want to generate.  This is lunched by run command tool as you mention.

2) Then run your workflow to generate the csv files. The Block until done tool will help you run in the the right sequence.

3) Then adding your files to a ZIP using @Bharti 's directions here using 7-zip.

4) To upload to sharepoint, you can now use the download tool (link) or use an (S)FTP Macro.


Hope the above helps! Let me know how you go mate.