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Save filter choices for app and schedule

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I have an analytic app used by a specific end user group.  In the app, they have an option list where they choose something like Site A, Site B or Site C.  All options are checked by default.   However, a user really only cares about their site they manage


They are asking for the ability to schedule this app with their specific site option selected.  Is that possible?  Doesn't look like that can happen without me building a hard coded workflow.


Thanks in advance for your feedback!



Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@nsmith293 my suggestion would be to take the workflow and make it into a batch macro. I would imagine where ever you have your Interface tool that updates the workflow would be the same place that the Control Parameter would update. You would then feed the macro (control parameter)  each Site and the batch macro would process each site one at a time when scheduled.