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Save Workflow with a crew Macro Not Working

I am attempting to save a simple workflow with the Crew Runner and Crew Conditional Runner macros in it to the server. When saving, I checked both macros as assets so they are uploaded as assets into the workflow, but when hitting save, I receive this error on each and every macro saying it cant find the macro.


But when I follow the folder path and check the temp folder created, the macros are there (see screen shot)





This ultimately results in the validation error saying it cannot find the macros (and for some reason, it added the word "Batch" at the end of the file name to each macro)









@Shelton_Thompson What I recommend is to open up the original workflow and make sure all the paths to the macro are UNC. You can then resave the workflow to gallery and make sure the macros are packaged as assets.


There are a couple of ways on how you can save the macro.

  • Network share - You don't need to package the macro with the workflow. Just make sure that the server has access to this macro from the network share. When the workflow runs, it will pick up the macro from the network location.

  • Local computer - this requires packaging the macro

As a best practice, you should have a file share between the server + user where these macros are stored. That way you don'y have to update the workflow when the macro changes. You just have to update it on the file share and the workflow will pick up the latest macro. 


If this doesn’t work, try this method:

  1. Click on the white canvas in Designer

  2. In the workflow configuration, go to the events tab.

  3. Enable the events and click add > Run Command

  4. Keep the “Run event when” = Disabled and go to the Assets tab

  5. Under User added assets, add your macros. Resave the workflow and make sure all the paths are proper (no \externals in the path)

  6. Upload to gallery



Hope this helps. 


Hi Digan


Thank you. Per your advice I have tried the following:


  • Adding the Macro's as assets during the save process (results in the errors I provided in my initial post)
  • Manually adding the Macro's to the user added assets in the Events (the first error does not appear, but when it validates on the gallery/server it states it cannot find the macros)
  • Manually adding the macro files to the user added assets in the assets on each macro tool (the first error does not appear, but when it validates on the gallery/server it states it cannot find the macros)
  • Placing the macros on a shared network drive the gallery/server ID has access to and reconfiguring my macro repository to this location. The file path is UNC and when uploading I do not add the macros as assets so it always pulls the macro from the shared drive every time it runs. (the first error does not appear, but when it validates on the gallery/server it states it cannot find the macros)


Some methods resolved the first error (Error loading pop up) but unfortunately all of them resulted in the same validation error where it stated it couldn't find the Macro.  


On another note, one of the workflows I am trying to upload with Macros in which I am getting this error on (not the only one but one) is basically a simple chain runner with the  CReW Runner and CReW Conditional Runner Macros to trigger 3 other workflows. Each of the workflows it is to trigger are all uploaded as assets (they are housed in the same location as the macros just a different folder) and those uploaded correctly.  So I am at a loss to what is causing the issue


@Shelton_Thompson I see. Thanks for sharing that. Can you create a support ticket and share this post with them? They would be able to help you troubleshoot this issue.