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Save Google Analytics Query



I need to collect and combine google analytics data for 42 sites on a regular basis. I found the google analytics connector and I am able to connect and pull data. However, it looks like connector is only going to work for a period of time and then expire. How do I set up a google analytics query so that I don't have to redo it each time I open the workflow? I honestly would like to schedule this on a server. 


I looked at offline and that didn't make sense to me. 1) How do I add the metrics into the query mode. I only see the dimensions 2) When I go to the profile (view) id I see the site that I want to connect and it looks good but there appears to be a weird error that says '<', hexadecimal value 03c, is an invalid attribute character. Line 48, position 56. I don't know if that is messing something up.


Any guidance would be appreciated.




Hi @djsykesGP,

Please ensure that the latest version of the Google Analytics tool is being used.  

Currently the most recent version of the tool can be found here on the Alteryx Public Gallery.!app/Google-Analytics/5898afe9effc2a0bb0a11644


Let us know how it goes.



When I was working to solve this issue, the help desk pointed out that there are several versions of this tool and I needed to switch to version 7 to get this to work.