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Save Files to Different Locations


I have a workflow that I set up as a macro for 15+ people to use. Currently they are each pulling 10+ reports per day and they are all set to save into the same folder. I'm not sure how to set it up so that each user can save to a different folder without going in and changing the save location in the render and creating 15 different workflows. I would like to avoid making 15 different updates anytime I change something in the workflow.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Awill39,


I'd suggest adding a "Folder Browse" interface tool to your macro so that the user can specify their output location on the macro itself. You can configure it so that it updates the "Output File" field value in the Render tool directly. The render tool also has an option to modify the filename using a value in your data so you can also point this new interface tool to a tool (i.e. Formula) that will create the file path.


Hope this gives you some ideas!






You could make the program an analytic app where users can choose their own output file location.

I've attached an example.





User Prompt:

file Browse.PNG


Sorry, I'm still a bit new to Alteryx. How would you use the Folder Browse tool in conjunction with the Render output? I have the Output mode on "Choose Specific Output File" and I am trying to use the update value tool to insert the correct file path, but I am having trouble getting it to go to a specific folder. It goes to one folder up from where I want it to save. 


If you check out the file attached at the bottom of my comment you will find an Alteryx workflow you can follow.


I tried and it says that I am on a previous version and it is unable to read  it.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Awill39,


**Per your last post, I replaced the macro with one that should would with any version 10.5+** 


Attached is a macro explaining. The image below describes how you'd want to configure this Action tool to update the Render tool.




Thank you very much! It's working great.