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Same file in multiple folders




I have multiple files in a folder with different months of data. The data is all the same style. I need help figuring out how to: ex run Jan data with workflow and than run Feb with workflow and than append the data I chose from the workflow together. I can't have the same workflows joined at the beginning because I am using the select records for certain rows. Attached is sample data and my current workflow that selects certain records from each tab. I read you can use a batch macro but I am not sure how to do that at all. Any help would be absolutely great. thanks!


You will be able to achieve this through a concept we can a batch macro. 


Here's a great article talking you through how you can build files from a directory in dynamically a...(see option No3). You will extend this process by adding the extra steps as defined in your workflow - data cleansing, select records etc.