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Same Workflow, Different Performance.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?  My coworker is running the same workflow with the same input files and the process takes 3 minutes.  When I run, the process takes 38 minutes despite the fact that my computer has more RAM than my coworker's computer.


No other processes are running in the background.  This is occurring on Alteryx Designer 11.5 x64.  The workflow does include an iterative macro.  Anyone have any thoughts on what to look into?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I think more information is needed to shed light on this performance discrepancy. 



- Are the processors the same? (Speed is more important that number of cores with engine v1)

      - On Windows: Start > Control Panel > System

- Are the hard drives the same? (A solid state hard drive is a huge performance gain from a regular disk)



- What are the workflow dependencies? Are they installed data sets? Files on a shared network?

      - Options > Advanced Options > Workflow Dependencies)


Are the input files connections to a database? If so, to determine if the connection is the issue you can download the connections as YXDBs and adjust your workflow to utilize the YXDBs and determine how fast your workflow runs.


Are you pulling from input files on a shared drive? Maybe your connection to the shared drive is slower than your coworkers? Are you and your coworkers located on the same site?