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Salesforce output tool to update a field value


I am trying to use the Salesforce output tool to update a field value of a table but I could not even though I have permission to Edit on that table.


And also I am not sure if I am using the tool in the correct way. 

Any help would be greatly appropriated.



Thank you.


Hello @Sharmila 


Could you please elaborate on your question here?

Can you upload a copy of your workflow, a screenshot of the config of your salesforce tool, as well as some sample data of what you would like your data to look like before and after?




Community Moderator

Thank you Trevor,


Here are the screenshots of what I am trying to do. ( I am using the 2019.1.6 version)


The way I configured the output may not be correct. And also I am using the old version of the input tool and its working fine to read data. The new version is not working for me. 

The order of the screen shots are from Bottom to top. 


Error.PNGSF output.PNGselect.PNGmodify.PNGfilter.PNGSFinput.PNGSF output.PNGselect.PNGmodify.PNGfilter.PNGSFinput.PNG