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Salesforce output connection, table options or clear errors

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Hi all


I am trying to upload to salesforce via the oupt tool, and am not progressing past the login screen after poressing connect. I must have changed my password and security token about 8 times to make sure i get it right and Im convinced the credentials are correct. But on pressing the connect button, nothign happens. The error on the tool suggests its waiting for some table queries but with the login screen no progressing or even indivating if the connection is successful, I dont know how to trobleshoot any further.


Some threads have suggested that concatenation of the password and sec token might be an issue for alphanumeric strings but salesforce mandate you use a number in the password. The current password is a text string with no spaces and a series of numbers mid string to avoid any issues, but again, there arent many clues as to whats going wrong.


Any help most appreciated.







Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Dubya !


  Could you please try entering your classic Salesforce domain URL instead of the Lightning version? You can get that by switching to Classic here and grabbing from the browser URL. Please let us know if that helps!




Sabrina Blanck
Sr. Customer Support Engineer – Connectors SME
Alteryx, Inc.