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Salesforce input tool missing fields



I am working heavily with the Salesforce input tool for Alteryx.

Toda for the first time I noticed that when connecting to a specific table not all fields are available in the list of fields to select.


Has anybody experiended this issue?






@Katia79 Are the fields that are missing on the object you are querying or are they on a related object? Salesforce reports tend to have fields from multiple related objects available to report on, but the only fields that will show up on the Salesforce Input tool are fields on the object itself. There are still ways to access these using the Salesforce Input tool, but they won't be present on the query builder. It's also possible that your permissions will not allow you to query certain fields - are you using the same credentials you would to simply login to Salesforce?


Hi Kayers, thanks or your message. Yes, it's all fields on the Account object. The ields I'm missing were recently added to our Salesforce stack with the latest development release so I'm wondering if something happened there.

However, I can see the same missing fields in tableau if I use the salesforce connector or tableau and look at the same table. so I'm really puzzled why I'm missing them in alteryx...