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Salesforce Password Needs to be stored 50 times - help


I am setting up workflows related to roughly 50 Salesforce objects going to their own SQL Server tables (potentially many in each workflow). As of now I need to enter the Salesforce user id and password roughly 50 times each and then reenter much of the information (including object and field selections) when I move the workflow between test and production.  Also I might need redo this is if I need to use a non-expiring password.


How can I fix this so that the Salesforce id, environment (sandbox vs. production) and password are stored only once and the password is stored encrypted? 



Alteryx Partner

I am not sure if this can be done unless you make a macro on top with 50 outputs, but thats not realistic.


What you can try though is this:

1. Change the password on the first salesforce tool.

2. Save and Close the workflow. The password is stored encrypted in the workflow.

3. Rightclick on the workflow, then choose open with and choose notepad, notepad++, sublime or any text editor you prefer.

4. Find the encrypted value of your password. Copy it.

5. Find the "old" password from any of your other inputs. Replace ALL instances of the "old" encrypted password with the new one.

6. Save as "new file name.yxmd".


I am not sure if this will work, but it is worth a shot. Bascially you are editing the raw xml file of the workflow.

You could save the workflow as an analytic application and use a pair text entry interface tools (one for username entry and the other for password entry) along with the action tools to update each Salesforce tool with the correct information each time you run the workflow.

Alteryx Partner

I also have a solution if password encryption is not critcal, you can still encrypt the workflow itself so that users with other licens keys cannot open it.


Anyways, you can define constant variables on workflow level.

Here i created a variable named SF_password, now i can use this anywhere in my workflow like this %User.SF_Password%


This will translate %User.SF_Password% into the "Value" which is "zxc13asd" in this case.