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Salesforce Output Python Version

7 - Meteor

I need to modify the Salesforce Output tool, as the error reporting is woefully lacking, so I need to modify the tool.


I've been able to find versions of the tool where the logic/backend is written in Javascript or Alteryx macros. Is there a version written in Python? I vaguely remember Alteryx installing Python when I downloaded the tool, but I'm not sure if that was for another part of the connector. 


Ideally, I'd prefer to modify a Python version as I'm more familiar with it, but if it doesn't exist then I guess I'll make do with the JS version. 


Edit: I was wrong, turns out I was looking at the input tool, not the output one. The only output tool is built with Alteryx Macros. So is there an output tool made with either JS or Python? 

Currently, version 4.0 and 4.1 of the Salesforce Input tool is written in Python. Version 3.1 of the Salesforce Input tool is a macro. At this time we don’t support a Salesforce Output tool that is written in Python or JS. Feel free to reach out to if you have more questions regarding this and we will be happy to help.